5.11 Backup Belt System™ Holster 59002

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5.11 Backup Belt System™ Holster
 Ambidextrious, Heavy Duty Nylon, Pouch Features A Hook-Side Velcro Backing , Attaches To Compatible 5.11 Garments, Adjustable Holster To Accommodate A Variety Of Handguns, Adjustable Locking Straps To Keep Handgun Secure.
Attaches or carries almost ANYWHERE! Breaks up profile in cargo or bdu pockets, attaches to hook-and-loop in car consoles, attaches to carpeted objects, bed brackets, etc... your imagination is the limit!

An invaluable accessory for patrol duty or tactical operations, the Holster Pouch utilizes our proprietary 5.11 Backup Belt System™ to provide a quick and effective holster solution for any standard sidearm. Easily installed on 5.11 bags, outerwear, or tactical apparel with BBS compatibility, the Holster Pouch combines a secure and reliable carry with quick and covert accessibility.

  • Quick and reliable BBS/ hook and loop fastener holster pouch
  • Integrates with 5.11 Backup Belt System compatible gear
  • Customizable holster dimensions
  • Adjustable locking straps ensure secure carry
  • Heavy duty nylon construction
  • User-defined installation angle for reliable draw
  • Sized for a standard sidearm, vitually unlimited adjustment


(No reviews yet) Write a Review