FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can anyone shop at Sharpstuff USA?

A: Yes! Everyone is welcome. Of course, there are some items in our inventory that are restricted by law. Official items are restricted and require proper ID to purchase. You must be 16 to purchase a knife. You must be 18 to purchase a TASER device.  Of course, USE of any self-defense item is regulated by law. 


Q:What is the FL Statute on Chemical Weapons (OC)?

A:  "Self-defense chemical sprays" are legal. They are defined as "a device carried solely for purposes of lawful self-defense that is compact in size, designed to be carried on or about the person, and contains not more than two ounces of chemical". Section 790.001. Although it may seem redundant, there is an express prohibition against using chemical sprays against a law enforcement officer. Section 790.054. 


Q: Can I carry a TASER in Florida without a permit?

A: Yes! You may carry a TASER open or concealed in FLorida without a permit. Of course, USE of any self-defense item is regulated by law. 


Q: I have a CWP in Florida. Is it legal for me to carry a 'Concealed Weapons Badge' on my person?

A: Yes, but with 'common sense' restrictions. Below is that question (#9) directly from the State of Florida website under the heading of:


I am a Florida license holder, and I have recently received a solicitation in the mail for an "official badge" identifying me as such a license holder. Are these badges legal? Does the Division endorse these badges?


A: No, the Division does not endorse these badges, but they are not illegal. There is nothing in Florida law that specifically prohibits companies from offering to sell these badges to Florida license holders, nor is there any provision that prohibits license holders from carrying such badges.


License holders should be aware that the use of official badges is prohibited in Florida Statutes in a couple of places. Section 30.46 specifies that a badge in the shape of a five-pointed star can be used by Florida sheriffs and deputy sheriffs only. Section 843.085 makes it unlawful to wear or display any authorized indicia of authority (including any badge) which could deceive a reasonable person into believing that such item is authorized by any federal, state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency.


Licensees should also take note that these badges do not substitute for identification or confirmation of your status as a holder of a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License. Only the license issued by the Division will serve as a means of identifying a citizen as a license holder.(end quote)

Sharpstuff USA offers Concealed Weapon Permit badges from a variety of manufacturers. You must present a valid CWP issued by the State of Florida in order to purchase a badge. Our custom badges have a panel customized with your FL Permit Number, which is permanent as long as your permit is valid and kept current. YOU MUST CARRY YOUR VALID WEAPONS LICENSE ANY TIME YOU ARE ARMED IN PUBLIC.

We recommend carrying your badge properly in a Badge/ID case made for the purpose. If you are ever forced to use your weapon to defend yourself in public, remember to others you may look like a armed criminal. Showing your badge and ID at such a time could help to identify you and prevent injury. Follow all state statutes regarding Indicia of Authority. Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to comply with all state laws.