SHIRT LOCK® Undergarment Belt

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Product Overview

Lock It In - Keep It In!

The undergarment belt that will keep your shirt locked in all day! 

Shirt Lock: America’s Best Alternative to Shirt Stays, 
Suitable for Professionals of All Types

The Shirt Lock is proudly known by name. It’s simply the best alternative to shirt stays & keepers, garter belts and suspenders. Law Enforcement uses it to keep a neat, clean look. Sales professionals count on it to help make that first impression. Athletes rely on it to help keep their uniform tucked in place so they can concentrate on winning the game. This new alternative is known as the only real shirt keeper that keeps a shirt tucked in all day long.

Shirt Lock Keeps Public Service Professionals looking Crisp!

No law enforcement official can afford a untidy appearance. A police officer is expected to demonstrate authority and control of chaotic situations. Shirt Lock keeps your shirt tucked in all day long. Stop constantly pulling your duty belt up!

 It is the perfect shirt stay solution for your active day. 

Military Personnel Count on Shirt Stays for Clean Appearance

We count on our military to protect our country. They count on our Shirt Lock to keep their Battle Dress Uniform intact. Our shirt stay garter is what keeps their BDU’s looking smart every time. Nothing is more embarrassing than caught by one’s superior in a sloppy uniform. Whether on dress parade or at a homecoming, those in uniform count on our shirt stay solution.

Attorneys - Look Sharp in Court

Employing respect is a must for any lawyer. Especially in view of one’s adversary in front of the judge. That is why more legal professionals are calling on our Shirt Stays to keep their well-groomed appearance. During those long cases and cross-examinations, Shirt Lock is what keeps them looking their best.

Additional Info:
Shirt Lock is Airport Friendly - Go through metal detectors at airports, courthouses and prison security without sounding alarms.

Shirt Lock undergarment belt 1.5" wide. Adheres to the fabric of the shirt and the pants. Made of a nylon, hook on hook material 10x the tensile strength of velcro. Unisex belt, Four sizes available.

1.5x40 (fits up to 38"waist)

1.5x50 (fits up to 48"waist)

1.5x60 (fits up to 58"waist) add $5

1.5x70 (fits up to 68"waist) add $10

WARNING: Shirt Lock works by using tiny hooks that attach themselves to the fabric, holding it in place. These hooks may cause damage to some fabrics. Only attach to fabric surface that will be concealed inside trousers. 

Shirt Lock Under Garment Belt Keeps Your Shirt Tucked In All Day!  


SHIRT LOCK® is US trade mark protected and US Patent Pending.



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    Posted by Ronald Burke on 20th Apr 2020

    wonderful product