SO-1 Nylon Seat Organizer

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3.75 LBS

Product Overview

Heavy-Duty SO-1 Nylon Seat Organizer (Patrol Organizer)

  • Reinforced back w/quick-release attachment points
  • Main Compartment has two dividers giving three individual sub-compartments
  • Zippered compartment below main storage compartment
  • Two more storage compartments below zippered compartment
  • Pockets for note pad and four pens/pencils/DUI penlight/UV penlight
  • Radio/other storage pocket 3"x3"x1.5"
  • Vented Pocket 10"x3"x1" with tension pull-cord for flashlights, baton, etc.
  • Two large outside flank compartments for storing flashlight, bottle water, etc.
  • Product dimensions: 14"wide x 18" tall x 4" deep
  • Imported


(No reviews yet) Write a Review