Zak Tool Aluminum Pocket Key, Black ZT14

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Product Overview

Zak Tool Aluminum Pocket Key, Black ZT14


  • Zak Tool #14 aluminum pocket handcuff key.
  • Black finish aluminum with heat treated stainless steel tip.
  • 4 1/4" long. Opens most standard handcuffs.
  • Made in USA and has a lifetime guarantee.

 Zak Tool makes the best handcuff keys in the industry! Zak Tool is a family owned company that makes all handcuff keys entirely in the USA. Zak Tool handcuff keys are all made from the same heat treated stainless steel. The key part of the extended Zak Tool handcuff keys is the same for all standard handcuff keys, only the handle is different. Zak Tool also makes the leading training handcuff and a line of entry tools and fire tools. All Zak Tool products come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review